© 2018-2019 Uranami Onsen.   

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Please abide all rules both in-character and out-of-character. Should your character neglect to follow our posted rules; they may be requested to leave the establishment. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding!


  • Abide by FFXIV/Square Enix’s TOS.

  • Do not harass other people or cause OOC-Drama. 

  • Please read the In-Character rules on "Arashi-gumi Principles".

  • Generally IRL politics, religion, ideology are frowned upon in FC-Chat.

  • We are all busy adults (as an 18+ FC, not erp), so please understand that people have lives beyond the game. 

  • If you wish to join the FC you must read the “How to Join” section of our website.

  • *NEW Recruitment Policy*
    All potential new FC members are required to go through a 2 week probation period. Base Onsen-Staff interviews are done off screen and characters are required to icly work at the onsen for 2 weeks as temporary workers before being moved to full time members. This means players may jump directly into roleplay with the FC. Yakuza applicants must wait the full two weeks and may either rp as guests at the onsen during this time or be initially hired on as temporary help in the onsen. Yakuza members are NOT hired on the spot and must build rapport with the FC itself. 

  • When applying for a position, please note that your character may NOT be assigned to their preferred role during Social Hours. This depends upon the amount of players able to staff an event. ie. If your character is security they may be placed on wait staff if there are not enough characters that evening or they may be placed on wait staff if there are too many security members that evening and not enough wait staff.

  • Be a proactive and active member. Be a team player. FC Leaders cannot hand-hold people through their roleplay. Put in that which you wish to be returned. FC members are required to attend 1 DMed event per month and 2 Social events per month. We understand IRL may happen and express that IRL comes first.

  • Concerning the Arashi-gumi, please be aware if you apply for the yakuza we request that you are able to set aside ample time for DMed events twice a month. If you are more interested in casual RP please apply for our Onsen Staff instead. Please try to be able to make at least one of the DMed events.

  • Understand that IC actions receive IC consequences. Please remember should your character not follow the in-character rules; your character will suffer appropriate consequences. 

  • Please understand we are a lore abiding/lore plausible FC. We do not accept White Mage, Black Mage & ‘Active’ Dragoon. Nor do we accept ‘dragons’, ‘ascians’, ‘allagans’, half-beast-tribesmen, etc. *At this time we are NOT taking characters from the First nor do we accept shard-travel. This may change in the future depending on the path the expac takes us.*

  • These rules may be appended or changed at any time.

General OOC Roleplay Rules
Please understand that IC actions receive IC consequences. ie. If your character is belligerent; they will likely be removed from the estate; please do not take this personal OOCly. Do not blur IC/OOC lines. Do not godmod/powerplay. Do not make other people uncomfortable, ie. if someone says “stop” oocly- then please abide by their wishes. We are absolutely NOT an ERP Company, we do not offer those sorts of services here. 

If you need further explanation of the general etiquette of rp please check out this informative blog: http://rulesofroleplay.tumblr.com/tagged/rprules


  • When joining the Arashi-gumi; please understand that the yakuza portion of the FC is rather strict. Any sort of disrespect toward in-character officers will not be tolerated. There are consequences for actions. If your character is a rebellious individual who pushes buttons constantly; be aware that it may cost your character in some manner. Whether this is a harsh word, punishment such as cleaning the onsen, other deemed punishment, or removal of a knuckle is ultimately up to the frequency and severity of such behavior. Officers will talk with the player when these things occur on an OOC level to ensure that it is not a surprise to the player. This said, there are times in which punishments may be immediate; ie. a sharp tongue. 

  • There is no real leaving the yakuza once you join it; once you become shatei.  At least, not without the kindness of the Kumicho. It is very important to remember that joining the family is a serious matter. Individuals cannot live 'half lives'. We are not mercenaries. We are, essentially an far eastern mafia. We are a family, and one that protects its own. We are not above using force to ensure the safety of the members within it.

  • As stated above, we have two DMed events per month. We request that players who are in the yakuza try to make at least one those events per month. However, IRL always comes first and we ask that players not exhaust themselves. Should you need to take a hiatus from DMed events, please contact a member of the officer team.

  • Concerning irezumi; please read this article on how irezumi (yakuza tattoos) are handled within the Arashi-gumi.
    Arashi-gumi Irezumi

  • We use a light dice system & character sheet for our DMed events. These are required to participate in the DMed events. It is a relatively easy system to use and involves a proficient skill, skilled, and weakness attribute set. For more information feel free to check out our documents in the link below. Heart of the Dice