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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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"The Big One Botanicals" is a subsidiary of the Arashi-gumi. 
We have a tsunami of different fogweed products for you to enjoy.

Come by our herbery in Mist w15/p27!


Server: Mateus || Arashi-gumi Subsidiary
Location : Mist; Ward 15, Plot 27
Public Discord: Uranami Onsen Public Discord 
Times & Dates Open: Tues-Sat Fifth-Evening Bell til Second-Morning Bell 
Events: Flower Hour 1st Sunday of the Month: 6:00pm Pacific

The Big One Botanicals is an Apothecary & Herbery including flowers, edibles, smokeables, a Fogweed Izakaya (bar) & Fogweed-infused Sento (traditional far-eastern-style communal bath). 

Please read all rules & etiquette as patrons are expected to understand them in full.
We are currently looking for staff at our main branch (Uranami Onsen). If you are searching employment please read our “How to Join”.
(OOC Note: We are not an ERP guild.)

Hours: Tues-Sat Fifth-Evening Bell til Second-Morning Bell
5 Days a week. Closed Lightsday-Firesday *(Mondays & most Sundays due to typical Server Maintenance. According to XIV Lore; there are 8 days in a week.)

Pricing: Prices are dependent upon strain & amount and may range from reasonable to luxury.
Use of Sento: Use of the infused bath is reasonably rated.

*Please note that when there is no Player-Staff around PCs are not expected to pay OOCly. Infact there will be no OOC handling of gil, only IC transactions. If you really wish to tip us you are welcome to do so.

If you have any further questions please contact the individuals below.

Contact: Nohni Vhaze/Udesh Dotharl (Fox#5907) || Ira'to Zeerrha/Kosei Matsuo || Tsulyren I-yuurei || Vinis Trist


Visitation: Visiting the Botanicals requires an appointment & sign-in upon entry. This may be done with our Head Herbalist Kana Yumishi (NPC), Cho Kutsuki (Fox#5907) or any of the above contacts. 

Ordering: When entering the establishment, please take a menu from the counter and take a few moments to consider what you may wish to purchase. Once you have decided please speak with one of our bud-tenders behind the counter.

Need Assistance?: Our herb-keepers will give suggestions should you need any help! Is it your first time with us? Never-fear, those behind the counter will certainly help you out whether you're a first-time client or a veteran. 

Purchasing: Once you have informed the bud-tender of your products, please make your way to the register. Once you have paid in gil or koban you may pick up your items or have them brought to you in the lounge downstairs.

Drink, Food & Products: Must be consumed & enjoyed in the lounge downstairs. Please do not crowd our apothecary upstairs.


Mixed Baths: Nudity is never allowed in our public bath. Clients that participate in Mixed Baths absolutely MUST wear bathing suits or yugi; which are garments that are designed for bathing. There is no exception to this rule.


Showering:  Before entering our sento, each guest is expected to wash and thoroughly rinse themselves before joining the hot-bath. There are bathing stations which you may use, including stools, buckets and toiletries. Please feel free to use the amenities. Make sure you completely rid yourself of dirt and soap before entering the spring.

Towels:  Guests are allowed to bring a small towel with them into the sento, please only use the provided handtowels. You are welcome to use these as a small cover between the bath and spa if you so choose. Further we encourage spa-goers to place their damp hand towel on their head as it is quite comfortable! Large towels are only used to drape around you from the hanger in the sento to the changing area.

Sexual Activities: Are absolutely prohibited in any part of The Big One Botanicals. Please be aware this is your only warning. Should any member of staff find a guest participating in such actions you will be asked to leave and will be escorted from the premises. (OOC Note: We are not an ERP guild.)

Safety: Please do not submerse your head into the spa. Horseplay and Running in the bath are absolutely not allowed. Do not splash, disturb other spa-goers or create exceptional noise. Social chatter is welcomed and encouraged! Should you begin to feel dizzy or light headed please consider taking a break. It is easy to get overwhelmed or overheated and black out if you are not used to the warmth and minerals in our baths.

Alcohol & Herb: May be consumed within the baths (but no full meals) & lounge. Please do not dirty the bath with either alcohol or smoked or edible-herb.


  • Respect the bud-tenders & herb-keepers

  • Do not be belligerent

  • Pay your tab

  • No fights

  • No slamming tankards on the tables

  • You may be removed for any inappropriate behavior