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The Yakuza are notorious for their strict codes of conduct, their organized fiefdom nature, and several unconventional ritual practices such as "Yubitsume". Yakuza members are often described with heavily tattooed bodies and slicked hair, yet this group is still regarded as being among "the most sophisticated and wealthiest criminal organizations.



Respecting Elders:
-Respect the Oyabun and your Lieutenants. Do not mouth off, insult or otherwise disrespect your employers’ and their ranking file. 

Respecting your Brothers: 
-Treat your fellow Kyodai and Shatei with respect not doing so breaks our brotherly bonds. Infighting and disharmony  is strictly forbidden and will result in sharp penalties for all those involved. Kakuin are the lifeblood of the Onsen, do not treat them lesser. Without our staff and honored patrons; we do not exist. 

Petty Acts of Crime, 'Human' Trafficking & Wanton Murder:
-Do not steal, commit robbery, shoplifting, trespassing, wantonly murder, participate in 'human' trafficking, or harm innocent civilians. We are better than this. Petty crime draws unwanted attention to our family and will not be tolerated.

Indecent Acts & Cowardice: 
-Remember the honor of our family. Do not involve yourself with indecent acts. Do not act with cowardice. Honor above all. 

Concerning Drugs: 
-Do not partake of lethal illegal drugs; black root rose, somnus, milkroot etc. 

Offer Succor to those in Need: 
-We are to provide succor& aide to those who are in need. The innocent among both Eorzea and Othard are welcome to find shelter among us. The unrighteous shall not be suffered to live for harming innocent lives.

Act with Honor… Always:
-When you become an initiate of our family, you are expected to uphold honor and these rules. You wear our name as your’s, do not sully it. Should you dishonor the family you acknowledge that punishments may ensue. 

-Infractions may range from a sharp word, to a meeting with the Oyabun, to that of a more serious punishment such as privileges removed, etc., rarely it may involve yubitsume. 

Concerning Yubitsume 指詰め: 
-Yubitsume, otherwise known as “finger shortening” is a hingan ritual that is intended for those in violation of incredibly serious ‘crimes’. It is a ritual that expects the violator to atone for their offenses. It is said to “show sincere apology and remorse”. These acts are to be expected without the demand of the Oyabun. 

As explained on yakuzahistory; 

Under the yakuza code there are two general forms of yubitsume. The first is shinu yubi, or “dead finger”, which is performed when a yakuza commits some sort of offense. The offender severs his finger with a tanto (a Japanese short sword) and offers it to his oyabun (boss) wrapped in a white napkin and placed in a box as payment for said offense. The second is iki yubi, or “living finger”, which is performed to avoid a conflict. In this scenario, the yakuza severing his finger is usually not responsible for the offense committed, and is offering his own finger as a means of conflict resolution. Since the direct offender does not offer the iki yubi, it is seen as a form of extreme and sincere loyalty.

Source for Yubitsume:
Q'nakareh Yhisa &  https://yakuzahistory.wordpress.com/yubitsume/